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Who wants to breed Beautiful Discus???

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Who wants to breed Beautiful Discus???

Postby fishsmiles » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:22 pm

Hey guys,

Unfortunately, with the start of Dental School, I will no longer be able to give them the care that I would like to and I want my babies to be cared for by someone who'll love them!

These pairs are all proven pairs, I have raised and sold multiple batches of their young. They are very prolific and will lay eggs almost every 2 weeks.

1 pair of Super checkboard pigeon blood. Biggest batch I got was 200+. Every batch is at least 100+. The big one is the female.
1 pair of Altum floras + 1. (snakeskin is male, flora is female, and the big male (by himself) is flora). The female has bred with both of the males before, I played around with mixing them in the past and the spawn is just amazing for both. Both pairs rear their own young, which is an amazing experience to watch and observe. They are all 6+ inches.

I'm asking 450 for the super checkboard pair. (Stendker)
I'm asking 600 for the Altum flora pair + 1. (Kenny)
If you buy both pairs, I'll throw in the 30g tanks, sponge filters, heaters, and 3-4 boxes of frozen bloodworms and discus cubes.

Here's the link for their pictures - ... 5/library/

If you don't have a RO system, I'll go ahead and sell mine for $150. This includes the 5 stage filtration system, 55-gallon drum with float valve. This system is only a year old.

Buy everything for $1100 or a reasonable offer :D
I can also teach you how to breed them and sell them if you want me to once you buy them.

Pickup only.

Thanks for looking and I hope someone wants to have an amazing experience!
You can text me at 216-225-4013 for faster response.

Jack Tang

p.s. cross posted on a couple of fish club sites.
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