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slowly making my way back! Lol

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slowly making my way back! Lol

Postby briansbelle » Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:49 pm

Hey guys. I'm slowly making my way back to the fish world.
Took a break till we got settled in the new house. Welp I'm all settled in. Time for fishies!

Was gonna go huge in the basement but I can't handle not watching my tank for a few hours a I picked up a deep blue 40 breeder with black silicone. Love it!

Got my brother to build me a stand for it...I am not Bob the builder lol...

Will post pics once I get on the computer to upload to photobucket.
Still gotta paint the back. Thinking of.using a reddish brown paint to match the stand.. our should I just go with black?

Plan on sand bottom. Plants, driftwood, rock piles.

26 or so furcata rainbows
16.dwarf cories
6 ottos
Pair of laetacara dorsigera(had these adorable little fish before) other then my clownfish pair I raised from babies one I miss keeping the most. They are so cute...

11.4g planted

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