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BAP/HAP changes (Effective 2018)

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BAP/HAP changes (Effective 2018)

Postby paul » Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:30 pm

These will be in the newsletter, but I would like to post them here too.

These changes will take effect in 2018. The current rules remain in place for 2017.

First the big change: You can still turn in two distinct spawns of a species, but BOTH SPAWNS CAN NOT BE TURNED IN AT THE SAME EVENT.
For example, suppose you have two spawns of swordtails. You could bring one bag to the Feb meeting and one bag to the Spring auction to get BAP points.
You could not bring both spawns to the spring auction to get points. (Obviously you could bring in up to 5 bags to sell, but just one spawn will be credited )
Another example: You could bring one spawn to the spring auction and one spawn to the fall auction.

Second: Jeremy and Kevin are updating the BAP list. Some point values will be changed in 2018. The reasons for the changes:
A. Add in more species not currently on the list.
B. Award more points for rare and difficult to find species. This is to provide an incentive to distribute these fish among the club.
C. Create more 25 and 30 point fish. Some BAP ranks have requirements for a certain number of 25/30 point fish, so the BAP committee wanted a greater selection of 25 point fish.
D. Define what the "Minnow" class is.

Most fish have increased point values (I have seen the work-in-progress list). A few have had points decreased. A members points will not be recalculated based on the new point values. So if you turn in a 15 point fish this year and next year the fish is worth 20 points, you will not be awarded 5 more points.
The list is still in progress, it will be posted when it is done.

Third: We are going to create an opportunity to turn in BAP fish at the Swap. There will be a silent auction table, just like the New and Rare. You can turn your fish in for BAP at the Swap for silent auction. It will be a 70/30 split. The purpose of this is to just provide another opportunity for people to turn in BAP. You can still continue to turn in BAP points at the meetings or auctions.
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Re: BAP/HAP changes (Effective 2018)

Postby paul » Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:34 pm

Also, we are working on revising all the BAP rules so they will be in one place which will be easy to find. This post was just to serve as a "heads up".

We plan on publishing the point guidelines for articles. Stay tuned.
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