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Pre-Sale Cincinnati Swap Meet

Have aquarium-related goods or livestock to sell? List those items here.

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Pre-Sale Cincinnati Swap Meet

Postby Dr. Tazz » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:16 am

Hello this is a list of all the fish and some of the hard goods I will be bringing to the Cincinnati Swap meet on February 10th. Go to for more information on time and location.
Pre-orders welcome and pre-orders are mandatory on tanks.

Fry & Juveniles
Old World:
Labidochromins caeruleus “Yellow Lab” 1.5-2” 6 for $15
Metriaclima greshakei “Ice Blue Zebra” 1.5” 6 for $10
Cynotilapia afra “Lions Cove” 1.5” 6 for $10
Protomelas kirkii 1.5-2” 6 for $15 ALL SOLD
Neolamprologus helianthus “Sunflower brichardi” 1” 6 for $12 2” 6 for $25
Enterochromis paropius 1” 6 for $15 ALL SOLD
Aulonocara baneschi 2.5” young coloring males $15 each
New World:
Heros sp. Roteki quarter to half dollar size 6 for $20 ALL SOLD
Geophagus standacneri F1 “Red Hump Geo” 1-1.5” 6 for $18
Live bearers:
Goodeid gracilis “Dusky Splitfin” 1” 6 for $6 ALL SOLD

Old World:
Neolamprologus brevis group of 6 for $50
Reganochromis calliurus Wild 6” group of 4 for $80
Chalinochromis brichardi 3” pair for $15 SOLD
New World:
Heros sp. “irindia" Dinner plate size pair $80

L46 Zebra Pleco 1.25-1.5” $100
L191 Royal Pleco 3.5” $50

1 foot to 3 foot fluorescent bulb fixtures. Some work some do not $1 buck each
Marineland C-220 canister filters (no hoses, inputs or outputs) only gently used. $45 each
10 gallon, hold water $4 each or $40 for all 13 ALL SOLD
75 gallons, holds water $75 3 left
90 gallon, 6 foot long and holds water $90 only 1 SOLD
55 gallon tanks, DO NOT hold water. Need resealed or could be used in any other reason to have an aquarium, $20 or if you take both $30!

Preorders are welcome on all things and tanks are preorder only keep an eye out on this post as I am prone to find more things when it comes to swap time

Pm me or text me at (513)889-8482
Dr. Tazz
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